1. Prepare blow molded bottle
    First of all, the pet injection molding for the preform. It requires the secondary recovery material ratio, which can not be too high (below 5%), recovery the number not more than two times, and the molecular weight and viscosity can not be too low (molecular weight 31000-50000, characteristic viscosity 0.78-0.85cm3 / g).
  2. Heating
    The heating oven is heated in temperature that set the manual. Oven by far-infrared lamp tube a far-infrared bottle billet heating, thermal cycling by the oven and the bottom of the fan, the uniform temperature in the oven. The opening of the lamp tube must be adjusted with the pre blowing bottle
  3. Pre-Blow
    Pre blowing is a step two step blowing method is very important, it is that the blow molding process in stretching rod down and began pre blow, makes the bottle blank begun to take shape. This process in the pre blow position pre blow pressure and gas flow are three important process factors. The size of pre blow pressure varies with the bottle size and equipment capacity, the general capacity is big, the pre blow pressure is small, the equipment production capacity is high, and the pre blow pressure is also high.
  4. Auxiliary Equipment and Mould
    Auxiliary equipment mainly refers to maintain the mold temperature. Mold temperature has an important role in maintaining the stability of the product. Generally, the bottle’s body temperature is high, the bottle bottom temperature is low. Mold is an important factor that affects on PET bottle blow molding process. The pros and cons of the shape of the mold will reduce or increase the difficulty of adjusting the process, such as strengthening the tendons, transition zone and the bottom of the arc thermal conditions have an influence on the adjustment process.
  5. Environment
    The quality of the production environment has a greater impact on the process adjustment, a constant condition can maintain the stability of the process and product stability. PET bottle blow molding in room temperature and humidity conditions.